It's been real, but it's time to lose the bun!!

By Mark Ullah

Help me support the mental health of young people

As many of you know, my 'Man Bun' and I have become very close over the last 2 years; however, I have had several requests - especially from Royal Queensland members, to ditch the bun!

Over the past two years our family has been dealing with the consequences and helplessness of mental health, so I made a deal with my daughter:  If I can raise some money to payback the support our family has received, I'll cut it off - and my daughter will be the one to do it!!

So who am I raising for?

I am raising funds for headspace to support the mental health and wellbeing of young Australians.

Each year, one in four young people experience a mental health issue, and 75 per cent of mental health disorders emerge before a person turns 25. Sadly, suicide is still the leading cause of death for young people in Australia.

Headspace provides mental health services to young people 12 to 25 online, by phone and through headspace centres in metro and regional areas across Australia.

Please help me make a difference in the lives of young Australians by donating today.  My wife will thank you for it, my daughter can't wait to sheer it off, and many of the membership at Royal Queensland Golf Club will thank you too!

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Anthony Messina


Gurpal Sohal

May God grant the youth of Australia the resilience and fortitude to combat depression🏌️‍♂️⛳️


Ajit Singh


Njn Advisory

Mates supporting mates and their family. All the best to you and your family.




Balwinder Kaur


Belinda Hancock

What a great cause, we’re in your corner 🙌🏻💙


Steve Brown


Phong Ngo

Good cause, mate. You look better without a bun anyway :)


Rob Tucker

2 great causes, Mental health and the removal of that man bun! Just kidding luv the bun.


James Orr - Wyze Business Advisory


Roger Abbott

About time it went 😄


Stuart White

Good cause mate! Hope you get to your target


Jackson Inglis

Awesome mate can’t wait to see Layla chop the bun 👍🏻 Love the Inglis family ❤️


Quanah Mcbride


Glenn Walker


Paul Dennett

Did not even know you had one, shows you how much I pay attention to shit.


The Mackenzie’s

You can grow it back!



About time you got a haircut… Good on you for taking up the challenge!


Legacy Partners


Justyn Williams

Great cause mate xx


Vic Arora

Good luck mark. Always there in your support . Great cause.


Jamie Smith

Expecting a Mohawk!!!


Loz Gordon

I said nice one bruvvvva,


Daniel Wright

You should be paying to get rid of that 🤣🤣🤣 Great cause mate and I know how much you would love that man-bun so it’s a good sacrifice to raise money!




Dave Cowan

About time! Worth $50


Teddy Cole

Anything to help your family mate


Charlie Macdonald

Great cause Mark


Sean Townsend

Happy to pay to see the end of the man bun! Well done!




Stacey X

I’m conflicted cause I like the man bun! Love to you all x




Mark Link


Ken Thompson (tomo)


Brad Dalton

I’d like to see that !!


Jane Ullah

What a brilliant thing to do . So proud of you all love you all . It’s so close to my heart as you no. People should be able to speak out and be heard


Rod Coombes

Hey buddy, cut the bun 👍👍😁😁


Robert Feldman


Craig Williams


Jane Ullah

As you no mental health so close to my heart . All for such a great cause x



Lots of love to the whole fam! x


Chris Glenister

Can’t wait to see short back and sides:)


Bevan Trapp



John O'grady

Man buns are overrated!!!